Our Equipment

Concrete is a unique and rewarding business that comes with a serious level of liability. Division 3 Equipment Rental is a valuable partner in assisting concrete contractors to reduce that liability by offering specialty concrete equipment that adds value in helping them produce quality ACI-302 level floors that are required for most commercial and industrial projects. We are a service to the professional concrete flatwork contractor who needs additional equipment to better serve his client’s needs without investing large sums of money into new equipment he will only need to cover a short term need. When you need specialty concrete equipment to cover an overflow of work or to cover a particular project, we are your source. As a concrete contractor for over 25 years we know the importance of having the right equipment on the job to maximize your finished product. Having access to backup concrete finishing equipment will reduce your liability and stress level when you experience equipment failure and breakdowns, so let us be your source for specialty concrete rental equipment. Contact us Today!