Dust Control

Our dust collection systems for surface preparation equipment you can depend on these units to get the job done. We also offer dustless systems for early entry saw cutting.

V1900 Dust Containment Vacuum

Works With – Diamond CC Pro-190-EE Early Entry Saw
The V1900 has two primary filters that are pulsed clean every 6 seconds with a reversed charge of compressed air; ensuring a continuous vacuum. The vacuums collector can hold a 30 gallon drum containing up to 600 lbs. The easy to use bolt down strap makes the vac usable with any 30 gallon drum. Heavy duty castors allow for easy mobility for dumping and transportation.
The V1900 Vac offers a 5” hose allowing larger air volume and two additional 2” hose inlets for smaller tools. With your reduction in filter cleaning labor combined with its adaptability to all shrouded equipment. The V1900 is the most essential and recommended dust collector system for today’s contractor

  • Vacuum Hoses: 5” x 15’ (standard) with quick release clamps
  • Power: 6 HP Gasoline (Robin)
  • Compressor: 2.5 CFM Air Cooled
  • Filtration: Special pleated cartidge
  • Wheels: Two 5” 200lb. rubber
  • Two 5” 200lb. swivel caster
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